HVD ("handwound vintage design")


HVD is based in Singapore, owned and operated by husband and wife Travis Tan & Vivian Ko. Call it a movement or a project, HVD was founded to bring the people back to basics; back to a simpler time. 

With the use of modern technology, HVD combines hand wound mechanical movements with super-vintage styling to produce well-crafted vintage-inspired timepieces at an affordable price. Our aim is to reignite people’s passion for all things mechanical and rediscover a personal approach with the very tool that helps us take on the day.

Our Values

no.1    Our watches are all things mechanical and vintage

Our timepieces will never require batteries. Call us old fashioned, but there's something satisfying about taking some personal time out of a chaotic day to handwind your watch. Just you and the machine. Pure mechanical bliss.


no.2    Our watches are designed to be worn

We believe exquisite timepieces should be worn daily and not kept locked away in a box at home. We price our watches fairly and promise premium quality construction on all our pieces. So that you’ll wear them confidently on your wrist no matter the occasion.


no.3    Our watches are built for you and your legacy

We craft our timepieces to stand the test of time so it can be worn for generations to come. We strongly dispute the idea of “planned obsolescence”, and believe that everyday items such as clothes, cars, toys, and watches should be built to last.